Be Together.
Be Hyve.

Consider how much time you spend on your phone and ask yourself: "Is my digital life replacing my real life?"

We spend so much time on social media because it seems like the easiest way to "stay connected" with the people we care about. These platforms have become increasingly saturated with advertisements and influencers, so how often are we actually socializing with our friends on them?

At Hyve Social, we believe the best way to truly connect with our friends is the old-fashioned way: in-person. The shared laughs, hugs, high-fives, and dances that are created in face-to-face social events produce the memories we cherish for years to come. IRL experiences are not easy to plan, however, and we feel this should change. By creating an app to streamline the logistics of event planning, we want to empower everyone to feel capable of inventing memorable experiences with their friends.

In this way, don't think of us as just another social media app. We are a tool to help you get off your phone, and to get you and your friends together.