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Note** Hyve™ is a planning app designed for friend groups. Please make sure your friends also sign-up for the waitlist so that we can onboard your whole group onto the app. We will reach out via email to confirm friend groups before onboarding.

Social Events
made Easy.

A new payments platform designed to help you create social experiences with your friends. Send invites, collect money upfront, and withdraw funds all in one place.


Whether it's a party, vacation, or concert, planning has never been easier

  • Set your event date, location, and description.
  • Create a budget and calculate the per person cost.
  • Determine event privacy and create a guest list.
  • Keep everyone updated with event information and last minute changes.
  • Invite friends in app or through a designated link via text.


It's not just another chat app. Hyve™ allows everyone to pay in one place

  • Pay directly to the event hive, so the host doesn't have to manually collect from everyone.
  • Track who has paid and cheer on funding progress, together!
  • If the budget is short by the collection deadline, then everyone who paid is refunded.
  • Once everyone has paid, then the host can withdraw from the event hive and pay event vendors.


Hyve™ is a new social app designed to get people back together again, in person

  • No plans? No problem. More people than you might think have nothing to do and would love to Hyve™ an event!
  • Chat, share inspiration, and build hype for your events.
  • Earn badges through in-app activity which will grant access to future Hyve™ rewards!
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